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Party Ideas



The Going Green Party! pictures & ideas curtesy of Alison
 "Going Green" Venue

Choose places like gardens, parks, museums, zoos and farms, although any venue can work with this theme. The main benefit of choosing an outdoor location with natural surroundings is that it does not require much in terms of decorating etc. However, see below the ideas for decorations and you could see that it really wouldn’t take much and it is something that you and the birthday child together with siblings can get involved in.

Table Decor Globes for Going Green Goodie Bag Goodie Bag Loot

"Going Green" Decorations, Invitations and Party Favours

Make use of natural and reusable, recyclable materials like cloth table covers instead of plastic, pieces of cloth instead of paper napkins.

For decorations, you can create a centre masterpiece with all your recycled material. Start collecting all your cardboard cereal boxes, egg containers, any yoghurt tubs etc and spend the time with your kids to make up something. Use any durable items as your containers for the party food.

You can avoid using paper invitations and invite people via email or sms, or use recycled paper should you wish to send hand-out invitations.

Party Favours could be: A green shopping bag or goodie bags made out of used paper or even cloth type bags. Fill it with a globe of the earth and seedling packets. Use recycled jars to fill with sweets. A poster on recycling. Wooden toys.

“Going Green Food”
While on the green theme it would only be fitting to use organic ingredients when making home baked foods and the cake. Serve Fruits, veggie crudités and nuts which are of course extremely healthy for kids as well as adults. Serve the kids water or juice in bottles instead of plastic / polystyrene cups.
Seedlings for Loot Bags Party Table Recycled Bottles
"Going Green" Activities and Games

If you are going to a public park, make sure to take along blue and black bags and perhaps get two teams together and get them to pick up rubbish. The team with the most gets a prize. (Don’t forget the wipes / soap for washing hands afterwards).

Toss the Trash: Collect cans and get them to throw the cans in the bin.

Get Crafty: With any left-over recycled material, as well as any string, wool, fabrics etc. – bring all the extras and let the children get creative. You could give out a prize for the best creation.

The Cereal Box Game: This is great fun and all you will need is an empty cereal cardboard box. Cut the flaps off the top of the box. Arrange all the guests in a circle with the box in the middle. They then have to take it in turns to pick up the box standing up and using only their teeth. When the first person has managed to pick it up you tear around the box making it an inch shorter in length. The next person then goes. It will get harder and harder as the box gets smaller and smaller. (P.S Getting a parent to have a go will cause lots of laughter, as the children will be so much better!)

Going Green Party Bags Going Green Cake Going Green Venue
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